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Frequently Asked Questions

Before submitting your site, it is recommended that you read and understand the following important questions regarding inclusion in our directory. Please understand that we are small community of persons and our resources are very limited. So while submitting your sites, please follow the given guidelines.

1. How do i know whether my site is included in your directory or not?

Upon submission, our editors will review your site and if it meets our requirements and guidelines, we will send an email announcing that your URL has been included in our directory. We do not notify if your site has been declined or not accepted.

We cannot guarantee review and inclusion of free submissions.

Just type your URL on the above search box (without http://www.) and if it is included, it will appear in the results or see below in the home page / recently added page.

2. What is the time frame for listing a site in your directory?

It should take about maximum 1-2 days to include your site in our directory for express submissions. It all depends on volume of submissions we get.

3. What are the compelling reasons for getting your site to be accepted by the editor?

These are the very important reasons, that will compell an editor to include your site.

- Domain Name
- Plenty of content.
- Site design, layout and neat presentation.
- Friendly advertising.
- Trusted Source (full contact address, BBB Reliability Report, SSL certs, Privacy Protected, excellent customer service live chat , toll free phone)

If you have nice site look, good web design and friendly graphics, then you have good chances of getting included in our directory.

Note: Please note that editors are presented hundreds of submissions ordered by domain names. So if you have good domain name, it will catch our editors attention and therefore your chance of getting accepted is very high. This is the first step.

4. What is the proper way to submit commercial, shopping or business sites?

5. What is the proper way of submitting a Country specific or Regional sites to your directory?

We do accept sites with the native languages. If you find any country specific link within the respective directory like @United Kingdom then country specific sites can be submitted there. If not then you can submit to the main directory.

Our editors do give preference to sites that are suggested under @Regional Category.


  • Do not submit in TOP level or WORLD directories.
  • Do not submit to /Regional/ unless your site provides information about geography or country related information.
  • Do NOT submit to Top/Regional/ category. Your submission must go deep inside the directory where appropriate category is suitable.

6. Why we give so much importance to sitemap and forum links?

Sitemap is considered to be "hub" of your internal pages and search engines like Google, Yahoo would very much love to see your sitemap "linked" from an external site. Neverthless forums has become recent great source of information and search engines consider forums present excellent source of information discussed by community of users. Both sitemap and forum link pointed to your site, will not only help search engines in boosting your site rank but also frequent updates of your site (crawls).

7. What is the importance of deep links with keyword rich anchor text ??

Building links or working towards link building to your website, will have good chances of increase in PR assigned by Google and will improve your ranking in search results from Yahoo and MSN. The more you have backlinks the higher you have PR which will maximise the chances of your site exposure. Due to recent updates to algorithms employed by various search engines, in addition to many factors, not just backlinks are evaluated but "anchor text " in the link is also taken into consideration. So if you have good keyword rich anchored links point deep into your site, it is always considered advantageous.

We currently offer 10 deep inner links with the site report, published by the editor.

8. How do editors assign ranks to the sites? What can i do to improve my site ranking?

see: Ranking & Evaluation Criteria, Writing good Titles, Writing effective descriptions

9. How do i interpret editor assigned scores?

see: Interpreting scores (bottom of page)

10. do you accept sites for review more than once?

yes, you can ask us to re-review your site and our editor will manually review your site re-assign you new scores. There is a one time fee of $9.95 involved for each re-review.

11. Do you offer support or how do i contact you?

We offer customer support ONLY for paid inclusions or advertising. Please do NOT contact us regarding your submissions or ask reasons on why your site got declined. You can also email us at or contact form



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