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Ranking Criteria and Evaluation of Sites

Our editors follow and look for certain parameters given below to rank sites that are included in our directory. We do not accept all sites by default and we reject almost 80% of the submissions we get. Please also note that we dont want to depend on PageRank(TM) assigned by Google or other algorithms used by various search engines and the ranking is assigned independent of these machine algorithms solely by human editors.

Ranking Parameters we look for:

  1. Domain Name - 60%
  2. Quality - 80%
  3. Content - 90%
  4. Relevance of Keywords - 30%
  5. Relevance of Category Submitted - 40%
  6. Site Presentation - 50%

Your Rank will be " mean weighted rank" based on above parameters assigned by our editors after reviewing your site.


Here are the tips and information what our editors will look for in your site, so that you can greatly improve your site ranking with our editors.

1. Domain Names

Domain names are the most important when comes to identifying your site. Our editor will assign a domain name rank to your site. We look for the following characteristics in the domain names.

  • How well the domain name chosen, given the site is business, commercial or non profit or country specific sites?
  • Is it short, attractive and consistent with the site content?
  • Is the domain country specific (.uk, .de, etc..) ?
  • Is the domain attractive, easy to remember or eyecatching ?

For example if you have a site "", that is related to "web hosting" in United Kingdom, and if you submit to

/Computers/Internet/Web-Hosting/Regional /United-Kingdom/

and NOT to general category


the editor will give you good ranking for the .uk extension in the domain and the submitted category.

Similarly goes for non-profit (.org), commercial (.com,.net) etc.. We anticipate sites providing good content having .info as the extension.

Note: Please note that since we are getting hundreds of submissions, and since each editor will go through big list sorted by domain names, so if you have good domain name, it will attract our editor and therefore your chance of getting accepted is very high.

2. Quality

The quality of a site cannot be truly measured by any search engines none other than humans themselves. Our editors analyse/look for the following parameters before assigning a quality rank to a site.

  • Usefulness of the site.
  • Uniqueness of the information available.
  • SPAM Free and Friendly Advertising.
  • Site is complete (without any weak/incomplete information)
  • Neat, clean and user friendly site layout.

The following are the reasons that will reduce or have an impact on the quality of the site.

  • Readability is poor.
  • Too much advertising / SPAM content.
  • Sites having no credibility information such as full contact address (especially for commercial, corporate , shopping sites..) properly mentioned with telephone number. Please note that quoting contact address in your website does make your site visitors trust you. Always try to include some kind of creditbility information on your site like BBB online reliability, Verisign/Geotrust SSL, Privacy Protected, Live Chat etc.. which the editor would expect
  • No proper customer service. (For example we expect shopping sites/online stores offer live chat, phone support for customers)
  • No proper site perimeters (about us, sitemap, contact, privacy policy, terms etc..)
  • Incomplete sites where links dont work properly.
  • No real content.

3. Content

People are looking for plenty of information be it corporate information, product description or tutorials. Content is King. No site would serve the needs of users without some nice informative and descriptive content. We give 90% of weight for the available content in your site and the rank assigned by our editors.


  • Include plenty of content in your website.
  • Make it easy to understand.
  • Keep the content well organised, with easy to find navigational links.
  • If you are selling a product, pour in all kinds of product information (statistics, market data) that will please or convince the buyer.

4. Keywords

All that is required is 3 or 4 key words or single keyphrase to describe your entire site for search engines. Include the keywords that you would bid or use in "Google Adwords" or "Overture Search" that would make your site unique. Dont SPAM Keywords.

5. Category Relevance

Imagine the frustration our editors get into if 90% of the submission requests to be listed in faulty / inappropriate directories. So, if we get 100 submissions per day and out of that 90 sites were submitted to inappropriate or unsuitable directory. On an average our editors spend about 4 minutes per site to locate and include in proper directory, which indeed would take about 360 min (6 hrs) man hours of time. Unfortunately we are only small community of editors without proper resources. So please understand this and submit into the proper directory.

While submitting to the category, you have to ask yourself

"How well your site matches the category and along with other sites present in the category?"

here are the tips..


  • Delve deep or Dig deep to the bottom most directory.
  • Always avoid TOP level or WORLD directories
  • Do not submit to /World/ unless your site provides information about geography or country related information.
  • If you dont find the category you want, use search feature
  • Submit to the most appropriate level category you think If you cannot find the right directory then tell the editor in "suggested category" while submitting.. If necessary, editor will create new directories for your site to be included.
  • If your site is regional or country specific, then

    All country specific or regional sites, must be submitted to a category that start with "@Country". First dig deep into general deepest subcategory, then select /Regional/<your country>/. All our sub categories by default contain "@Regional" present.

    For example, if your site offers web hosting in United Kingdom, then this is the proper way to submit: Top > Computers > Internet > Web_Hosting > Regional > United_Kingdom

If you submit to incorrect or non related or top level directory your submission will have 95% of chance in getting rejected, like any other submission.

6. Site Presentation

We also give importance to site presentation while evaluating sites. If you have nice site look, good web design, good navigation and friendly graphics, then you have good chances of getting included in our directory.

7. Interpreting the Scores

For most of the included sites, our editors will assign domain,quality,content,keyword and site presentation scores after manually reviewing each individual site. This guide will help you to understand on scores assigned so that you can improve or increase the editor assigned scores.

Given scores will normally assigned 5 and the maximum possible score is 9. Score of 10 will be given to very exceptional and most popular sites. Of all the factors, the quality score is the most important, because we look for trusted sites with full contact addres, SSL, BBB report, Credit cards and other information that convince an editor for the veracity of the site. The other important factors which our editors will look for is content, domain name and site presentation which also contributes significantly for the importance of your site. Keyword factor is least considered and can be ignored.

Please follow the given table for interpretation of scores.

Quality Score Interpretation

Please note that excessively used adsense ads and affiliate links will reduce the quality score of your site.

Quality Class
Average 1. No contact address
2. Limited quality information
3. Not trusted site.
Medium 1. No contact address.
2. Average quality information.
3. Not trusted site.
Good 1. Contact address.
2. Average quality information.
3. Trusted site.
Very Good 1. Full contact address
2. Good quality information
3. Good visual presentation
4. VISA/Mastercard credit card acceptance.
5. SSL (Secure certificate) with Verisign/Comodo trust seal.
6. Trusted site
7. Spam free
High Quality 1. Full contact address.
2. Excellent quality information.
3. Good visual presentation
4. VISA/Mastercard credit card acceptance
5. SSL (Secure certificate) with Verisign/Comodo trust seal.
6. Trusted site.
7. BBB reliability report
8. Excellent customer service with phone/live chat.
9. Spam free.

Content Score Interpretation

Our editors will look for quality and relevant content in your site. Please note that excessively used adsense ads and affiliate links will reduce the quality score of your site.

Content Class
Very Good
High Quality

Content Score Interpretation

Content Class
Very Good
High Quality

Domain Score Interpretation

Our editors will look for short, easy to remember, spam free domain names and scores will be assigned accordingly. The scoring for domain names is introduced to fight against new kind of spam "domain name spam" which most search engines face recently. We normally assign a default score of 7 to most sites. Please note that we prefer regional/country specific domains compared to general TLDs.

Very Good 1. Domain relevant to site.
2 . Properly chosen type (.info/.com/.org) for commercial or non-profit.
3 . Regional/Country specific domain (.uk,.de,.ca,.au)
High Quality 1. Domain relevant to site.
2. Short and descriptive.
3. Easy to remember.
4 . Properly chosen type (.info/.com/.org) for commercial or non-profit.
5 . Regional/Country specific domain (.uk,.de,.ca,.au).


8. Sample Report - Editors Comment

Title: EuropeBanks.Info
Description: Online directory listing of banks in Europe.
Directory: /Business/Banking/Finance/Banking/Banks/Directories/

Editor Comment:

1. Domain Name:

Look at the domain name "europe banks" and its extension ".info". How well the domain name chosen and look at its extension .info ? Isnt the whole domain name instantly tells what this site is all about ? Further, the creator of the site promises to provide valuable content and rich information about "europe banks" by chosing ".info" domain name not TLD's (.com, .net .org). Is'nt the chosen domain very appealing and instantly reflects the context?

2. Content and Site design:

Look at this site content. This site provides full listing of almost all banks in europe, with all available possible information. Further this site tells any user how to send or make payments in europe. This site is well presented as well with well written title on each individual page. How well the content of this site relates to the chosen domain name? Also, if you closely observe the site the advertising ads dont annoy or irrate a reader and presented in a friendly way.

3. Title and Description:

When submitted to the directory the promoter of this site, has kept it very short and instantly tells the editor about his site in few well written excellent description words. It is very important to tell the editor in description what exactly your site is all about in few short words?

4. Submission Category.

If you closely observe the submitted directory, it is the most appropriate? Since this particular site gives only information and links to banks in europe, and it is not a bank it cannot fit into "banking" or "banks". It only fits into "/banking/banks/directories/" category where all other listings in this category are of same type (listing of banks)





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