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Started in March 2006, We are a small community of persons inspired by work of DMOZ (Open Directory Project) came up with inspiring idea of ranking and classifying web resources by real humans without entirely depending on search engine ranking and their other search based algorithms. Our ranking of sites is solely done by humans and independent of any search based algorithms. We look forward in maintaining our directory as a non profit one, where good resource sites are added free of charge.

With the World wide web has grown to a level where the search engines and directories superflous with huge spams, it has been increasingly difficult to find and isolate good resource sites quickly and easily. We believe that not only that our project will help search engines to reduce spams but also more beneficial to web users in finding such resources sites. We constantly are looking for the sites which are very informative, content rich with quality resources. We will add our site to our directory free of charge provided sites are submitted according to our guidelines.

Please understand that we are small community of persons and our resources are very limited. So while submitting your sites, please follow the given guidelines.

We do not accept

  • Adult/Porn related sites.
  • Gambling/Casino/Sports Betting Sites.
  • Online Pharmacies or stores.
  • Sites that promote SPAM.
  • Sites that promote hatred, violence or illegal activities in any form.
  • Sites with bad language or hate speech.
  • Sites freely hosted, Cloaked sites or Redirects.
  • Sites intended only for excessive advertising or affiliate sites with no real content.
  • Sites with redirects or spamming or without a domain name.
  • Sites started primarly for Adsense (MFA).
  • Sites submitted through automatic submissions.
  • Sites submitted under inappropriate category.

Human Ranked Web Directory (HRWEBDIR.ORG) reserves the right to delete, without notice, any website it deems objectionable or unsuitable for inclusion.

Selection, Acceptance and Ranking Criteria

Our goal is to select sites that of high quality, provide very good content and informative. Your domain name, content, well written title play a crucial role in acceptance and ranking. So not all submitted sites are accepted. All sites submitted will be evaluated by a human and ranked based on the following factors.

Ranking Factors
Domain Name 60%
Quality 80%
Content 90%
Relevance of Keywords 30%
Relevance of Category 40%
Site Presentation 50%

How to add your site


Before submitting your site prepare your title, description, keywords, sitemap URL, forum URL.

Sitemap is considered to be "hub" of your internal pages and search engines like Google, Yahoo would very much love to see your sitemap "linked" from an external site. If you dont have sitemap, please add a new one to your site.

We ask you to allow plenty of time to write good title and description before you submit your site to our directory. ONLY TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAMES ARE ACCEPTED.

We have very high acceptance rates for excellent written title and description.


Dig deep/ Find a deepest suitable category in our directory. Try similarities with other submitted sites in category or do a search for best directory. Start here

  • Do not submit into TOP level directory.
  • Do not submit to /World/ unless your site provides information about geography or country related information.

Country Specific/Regional sites:
All country specific or regional sites in their native languages (any language), must be submitted to a category that end with "/Regional/Country/". First dig deep into general deepest subcategory, then select /Regional/Country. All our sub categories by default contain "@Regional" present.

For example, if your site offers Web Hosting in Germany and in german language, then this is the proper way to submit: Top > Computers > Internet > Web_Hosting > Regional > Germany


Look for Submit Site on top right corner to add your site.



Selected Category:

Home > Computers > Computer Hardware >

Your site or Ads will appear on above selected category. If you have not selected, please start here and navigate deep into the directory, select either Submit Site or Advertise here links..

1. Express Inclusion / Advertising

24 Hour Express Review

* Guaranteed Inclusion within 24 hours.

* Lifetime/Permanent Inclusion

* Get Deep advertising (10nos) to your site. see example

* Site manually reviewed by our Editor.

US$ 9.95 only
(one time fee)

Your site or Ads will appear on above selected category. If you have not selected, please start here , navigate deep into the directory, select either Advertise here or Add link.

Featured Review Listing

* Your listings appear on top of all standard listings. see example

* Quick review and Inclusion.

* Gold Star Rating

* Appears below Sponsored listings

* Permanent inclusion with one time fee.

US$ 15.- only
(one time fee)

Your site or Ads will appear on above selected category. If you have not selected, please start here , navigate deep into the directory, select either Advertise here or Add link.

Sponsored Review Listing

* Your listings appear on top of all featured and standard listings. see example

* Quick and Guaranteed Inclusion.

* Red Star Rating

* Permanent inclusion with one time fee.

US$ 20.- only
(one time fee)

Your site or Ads will appear on above selected category. If you have not selected, please start here , navigate deep into the directory, select either Advertise here or Add link.

Express Directory Review and Inclusion (US$ 9.95)
Featured Review and Inclusion (US$ 15) see example
Sponsored Review Listing (US$ 20) see example

** Fee is fully refundable if we cannot accept your listings.

2. Free Directory Inclusion (Not Guaranteed)

Due to large number of submissions we receive it could take anywhere between long weeks for review and inclusion. INCLUSION & REVIEW NOT GUARANTEED. We highly recommend EXPRESS inclusion.

Only Non-Commercial sites are accepted under FREE submission.

Please note that you will be allowed to submit your site ONLY ONCE. If declined by the editor you will NOT be able to resubmit again. Our system will automatically decline repeated submissions, due to our strict anti-spam policy. So before you submit please make sure you follow all our requirements and guidelines.

Write your "website name" or "company name" or "attractive title".
** (Max 60)
Example. "DomainName.Com" or "Company Name" or "Wild Life Photography"
. Help me with this
Describe your site in short 1/2 lines.
Start with "Provides", "Assistance","Offers", "Resources on", "Guide on". Be short, dont repeat. No superlatives. No keywords. Maximum 2 lines describing your site. Help me with this
Must be a valid and working URL reviewed by one of our editors.
Give us ONLY 3 or 4 Keywords or single keyphrase.
Think of keywords used in Google Adwords or Overture.
Sitemap Link
Link to your sitemap.
Search engines like Google, Yahoo loves sitemaps from an external site because sitemaps is considered to be the "hub" of your site. If you dont have sitemap, it is recommended to create one.
Forum Link
** Link to your forum, if available. OPTIONAL
Reciprocal Link
Suggested Category
If you dont find suitable or relevant category, what according to you, is the best category?
If you dont find suitable category, please suggest to the editor. If necessary a new category will be created for your site. Example: Business >Finance > Banking > Offshore > Banks > Directories >
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