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Writing Good Titles

Titles make sense! How well is your title attracting others?. Does it look appealing? Does it tells instantly whats your site is all about? Neverthless it has become very important and inevitable for most directory editors and SEOs to give so much importance on writing descriptions. Remember excellent and eye catching titles will make your site popular in a short period of time !

Here are the tips you have to follow while writing a title to your site.

Tips and Precautions

  • Do not use articles (a,an,the) or special characters (&,-)or punctuations symbols(,).
  • Avoid excessive or over descriptive title. Make it as short as possible withing 2-4 words.
  • Frame your title within 60 character limit.
  • Make it easily recognisable and appealing.
  • Start capitalising with each word in the title. Leave words less than 3 chars in smaller case.
  • If your title consists of domain names then make .com,.net,.org lowercase(except .info. Write .info as .Info)
  • Dont write short acronyms in title. Expand them.



1. Keyword Rich Domain Names

If you have a keyword rich domain name or easily recognisable from chose domain name, write the domain name in the title

"Keyword Rich Domain Name"

2. Company Names

2. If you are a company selling products or servics, write your title as "company name". Example: "SEO Man Inc" or just "SEO man". This applies to most business websites or service providers.

3. Specific Field or Targeted Content

If your website well reflects or points out on very specific field, quote the field with your site name. For example "UK Company Formation", "Arctic Wild Life Photography", "ABC Linux Hosting".

Finally, just make sure that whatever you chose make your title is appealing or attractive. Sites who submit us with very good titles will be easily approved.

4. Personal Sites or Fan sites:

If you have a personal or fan sites, then start with your name following the immediate usage of your site. For example "John's PHP Tutorials",






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